Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Post

Hey there everyone! So there are a few new updates since last post. First off Jaylee is doing much better. We are still trying to figure out a couple of things such as getting her to eat her food without throwing up and also still trying to figure out why her platelets are not staying up. They have done a couple of Biopsies to look at her stomach and intestines to see what is going on. As far as they can tell she has a little bit of Graft Vs Host disease on her lower intestines and that is causing her stomach to get red and inflamed therefore making her throw up her food. They started her on a steroid to help with the GVH and they are hoping it will also help with her platelets which they are still trying to figure out why it is taking so long to get better. We also were moved to a bigger room and it has been really nice! The bathroom is 2 times bigger than the last room and it has a much better view. The doctors are also saying that we MIGHT be getting out this week, but we are to the point were we will believe it when we see it. Anyway please keep us in your prayers. They help us so much!! Love you all!!