Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good News!!

So we have some good news this time around! The Adenovirus that has been giving us so much grief these last couple of months was NOT DETECTED!! YIPEE! This is great news! The Adenovirus has been the key factor in all these problems the last couple of months and it is FINALLY being treated and conquered!! Jaylee's belly is a lot smaller and actually looks normal, instead of looking like a Buddha belly! She has been doing so good these last couple of weeks that I truly believe we will be getting out this week!!

We still had a couple of bumps in the road though. About a week and a half ago we discovered she had an Ulcer on her stomach that they had to go down with a scope and cauterise it. Luckily the procedure was quick and easy and Jaylee bounced back quickly and is doing great now.

Jaylee has still been throwing up quite a bit and after doing some tests, they found that her Sphincter (SP?) that keeps stomach acid in her tummy is a lot more open than it should be and so she may have to have surgery to fix it in the near future. The doctors have reassured us that it is a very easy procedure and is easily fixable. We will probably figure out if she needs it in the next couple of weeks.

The doctors and Jeff and I are starting to talk about goals long term now. We are working on getting her off the TPN (which she gets her nutrition from) which can cause long term liver problems and also working towards taking her Central Line out! Things are starting to improve tremendously (and it's about time too!) we are so excited!

The light at the tunnel is finely starting to get closer and closer! Even though this has been a very hard struggle, I am grateful for all the support everyone has given us! Your prayers have made this journey a lot easier to handle and we love all of you guys!