Wednesday, March 3, 2010


WOW! I don't think Jeff and I anticipated how much work it is going to be to have Jaylee be at home. We will never look at the nurses the same again. They are definitely underestimated!! It is amazing how many medications Jaylee is on and how often she has to receive them. When we first got home, we had the Home Care Nurse (HCN) come and help us set things up and go through everything we have to do with her meds. She got there at 7pm and didn't leave until 10pm!! I am not going to lie, it was VERY overwhelming! Starting at 6am she has an IV med, 8am she has 5 meds through her feeding tube, 2pm she has 2 feeding tube meds and and IV med. 8pm another 3 feeding tube meds and finally 10pm 2 more IV meds!! Jeff and I are always so worried we are going to screw it up, we have to double check EVERYTHING!! I know it will get so much easier once we get our system down, but for right now its a tough job! BUT it is ALL WORTH IT to have Jaylee home!! Well that's it for now, Love you all!


  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds like a lot of work! I would be overhwhelmed, too, but I am sure you both will do very well! If you need ANY help, call me!!

  2. Hang in there girl! Home Health is so scary but you will both be pros before you know it. Enjoy the time you get to spend outside of the hospital. We are thinking about you guys :)

  3. That sounds like so much work, but I'm sure you guys are doing great!! We are always thinking about you and hope to get back down there and see you soon.