Friday, March 19, 2010

What's new!

So it's been about two weeks since we have had Jaylee home. After getting the hang of all her meds it has been pretty smooth sailing! When we were released, we would still need to take her to clinic two times a week to get her Enzyme shot, which helps her blood counts go up. This last Monday, the doc's decided that she is doing well enough that they would quite giving her the shots and let her counts go back down so they can begin the transplant process. They are estimating about three weeks is when we will start it all. We are excited that it is all going so smoothly and can't wait for this process to be over with. We want to thank everyone for all the prayers that are being offered on Jaylee's behalf ! They are working!! Love you all!

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  1. This must be Mike and Julie's beautiful grand-baby.

    What a cutie pie Jaylee is, those eye's and lashes are every girls dream. What a treasure you have.

    I will keep her and your family in my prayers <3